Pulling Strings since 1963

The club started in the late 1950’s with a group of archers looking for a place to CALL their own. The Club is archery only and located in Southwick Mass on the Agawam Town line. With over 40 acres to roam and many targets to shoot at there is something for everybody. These Black Bears are not members but still enjoy a walk in the woods. Family memberships start at just $50 if you feel like pitching in. If you don’t want to help out the dues are $75 a year and are due in April each year. Archery is a great family sport that can be enjoyed year round.

Welcome to the Agawam Bowmen!

The Club offers a 28 target field course that follows trails that wander through the woods. With distances out to 80 yards it can be quite challenging. You can always walk up and shoot closer if you are just starting out. Here is a nice group shot for over 40 yards away.